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Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. As artificial intelligence (AI) develops, different methods are being found to incorporate it into customer service.

In this article, 3 basic issues where AI is used in customer service will be discussed.

1 - AI for Predictive Personalization

The large number of customers and the personal characteristics of each are invaluable to organizations. Organizations now have access to huge amounts of data about their customers that can be used to create personalized services and recommendation systems to the targeted customers.

Organizations that collect data regularly with high quality have an advantage over their competitors. Besides, it is easier for these organizations to provide customer satisfaction.

If the data is sufficient and of high quality, it is possible to launch a special campaign for each customer using AI. First, customers can be clustered in the most optimum way according to their personal data. Then actions can be taken specific to each cluster. On the other hand, behaviors of clustered customers can be analyzed and future actions can be predicted.

In addition, this title can be expanded with topics such as call classification, call routing, intention prediction.

2 - AI for Communication with Customers

Your website can be visited by thousands of people every day. It is normal to have questions that every visitor wants to ask. Communicating with every visitor and answering their questions is often impossible and costly. A chatbot model trained with the dialogues with customers so far can be a savior for your company. Oracle the world's second largest software company found that 80% of sales and marketing leaders say they currently use or plan to deploy chatbots in the near future. 

At the present time, humans and AI-based bots can collaborate to optimize interactions with customers. According to Oracle, 24/7 available and quite consistent chatbots are not far or impossible at all.

3 - AI for Customer Identification

Identifying the customer is not always easy. Biometric solutions for this process are developing day by day. Biometric refers to body measurements and calculations for the purpose of authentication, identification and access control. Biometric solutions can be classified as physical and behavioral. Physical biometric solutions analyze parts of the human body, such as a person’s face, iris or fingerprints. On the other hand behavioral biometric solutions analyze other characteristics, such as gait, voice, or interaction with a device.

AI plays an active role in both physical and behavioral areas. Machine learning models can be trained with your physical and behavioral data. Moreover, machine learning models can know you better than you.

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